Mixed Media


Art journaling, art tags, and art cards are all ways you can express yourself through various mediums. Using various paints, inks, stains and embellishments you can create amazing works of art while enjoying the creative process and benefits of mindfulness. When you put paint to paper you allow yourself the freedom to create what you want and discover a sense of play. Working with various art mediums, you learn how to create a background, how to mix colors, and then add images/items to complete your piece.  

The benefit of mixed media is there is no wrong way to create.  Whatever you make and no matter how you create it - it will be beautiful.  We often get stuck in our own heads that something has to be perfect and when we create art mindfully, we work to silence that inner critic. 

Tracy Lake is a mixed media artist and offers a variety of classes/workshops including:

  • Mixed Media for beginners - where to start
  • Background techniques
  • Creating a focal point on your piece